Thursday, February 27, 2014

Preview Night Fashioned in Silk

The preview night of Fashioned in Silk at Macclesfiled Silk Museum was a great hit despite the bad weather. The subdued lighted added to the ethereal effect of the silk organza toiles.

Each toile is decorated by members in a style/design of their own choosing although there is a link to the silk heritage of Macclesfield in all.

The central toile in the image is the dramatic design in deep red by Armelle Hatch.

There is to be an interview with Margaret Steeden on Canalside Radio 102.8 FM on Thursday 6th March at approx 8.45 am.  Regarding the exhibition.

Sophie Ho considers her toile

Elsa Buch straightening the collar on her toile
Jan Grimes arranges the sleeve on her toile

Norma Hopkins, our Chair, fastens on her label

Margaret Steeden points out the free machine embroidery on the hem of her toile

Glenys Dyson checks her label.

Jackie Brough next to her silk toile

Teri Jones straightens her toile

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