Saturday, September 01, 2012

Quarry Bank Mill Styal

We have just heard that we have been accepted to stage an exhibition commencing September 2013 at Quarry Bank Mill in Styal. We have not finalised a title but since it is to coincide with Manchester Science week we are looking at how Quarry bank Mill has been associated with Science and Technology in the past and the present.
To get the ball rolling we went to Quarry Bank Mill and were given a tour by two of the curators. It was interesting to learn how the Greg family were at the interested in all aspects of science from studying astronomy and the fossil geology of their grounds , to pioneering the concept of occupational health for their workers. In addition Quarry Bank Mill was one of the first mills of the Industrial Revolution in this area and was at the forefront of developing the machinery weave the fabric and power the looms.

This is a collage of images Sue Reeve has created in response to our tour.

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