Thursday, August 30, 2012

Handed Down, Handing On.... April 2013

Our next exhibition will be in April 2013 at Jobling Gower in Macclesfield which is a lovely exhibition space. For this exhibition we will be exploring things which have been handed down to us and also those that we want to hand on to our children.
Maria Walker's Inspiration for this exhibition is her family holidays in Blackpool and her postcard collection.
Textile artist, Maria Walker is planning on basing her work on her postcard collection, which was partly handed down to her but is also something she has added to over time. She particularly likes her collection of old comic postcards as they remind her of family holidays in Blackpool where her Grandma ran a boarding house. She was brought up in a working class family in Sheffield and is proud of her working class roots so she is  hoping to hand  on this pride to her children along with her wicked sense of humour.

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