Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Armelle Hatch Handed Down Handing On

Armelle Hatch Voile et dentelles

Voile et dentelles
Mixed media

Armelle’s great grandfather, Pierre Armanet, worked in the veil and lace industry in Lyon, France in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. He invented a machine capable of creating tubular netting and subsequently made his fortune by creating the ‘Mona Lisa veil’, a veil with small mechanically embroidered spots. Marie Armanet, his wife, wore wonderful clothes and hats. In this piece Armelle, being fascinated by millinery flowers, has tried to recreate her great grand-mother’s dressing table with French hat fashions and the veil & lace industry in mind. It combines different fabrics and papers with beads, millinery flower stamens, birdcage veil and wire. The photographs are real pictures, from glass photographic plates taken by Pierre Armanet who was also a passionate amateur photographer. Armelle and her family today can see not only their predecessors but examples of the fashions of their time.

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