Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Norma Hopkins preparing for Nantwich exhibition

Norma is preparing her sketchbook for the up and coming exhibition at Nantwich Museum in March. Our Tech Styles exhibition is going on tour and this venue will be its second outing.
March 13th until June 14th 2015.
 This  image shows a set of work taken from some elements in my sketch book work. The images have been digitally worked on in Photoshop and printed out on a variety of papers then further worked into with Unison soft pastels. The bottom piece is from a Southport walk. Small folded papers were crushed and folded into a small book form. One minute drawing were the base then over worked with Unison Soft Pastels.  

 This piece started as an experimental mark making exercise using black ink and a variety of mark making tools. The piece was then worked into with Unison soft pastels and watercolour pencils

This piece was based on the idea of inlets and waterways … A sort of aerial view of the landscape. In the process,  Lutradur was applied for texture and worked into with Unison soft pastels and watercolour pencils.

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