Sunday, September 13, 2015

Terri Jones' progress with experiments for 'CREATED IN COLOUR'

So much work gets rejected when you are creating a new piece of work for an exhibition. Come and see what makes it into Terri Jone's final piece when "Fashioned in Silk, Created in Colour", opens at the Whittaker Gallery, Rawtenstall on October 24th 2015


Terri commented on her progress.
The first part of my piece is complete and I can't put off starting the second part any longer. for this section I will be working with paper and I must confess to being right outside my comfort zone. The photo shows my early experiments with pleating and folding. Not too difficult when you are working with small pieces, but a different matter when you come to scale it up.


Terri has been experimenting with different types of paper and wondering how to utilise the various types of pleating she has been experimenting with. She has also been thinking about colour so that will be her next step before deciding on the final form for her exhibition piece for "Created in Colour" in the autumn. 

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