Saturday, January 09, 2016

Welcome to our new member Linda Izan

Linda has always identified creativity as central to her interaction with the world. She has had a long career within the arts firstly as a practicing artist working inceramics sculpture, moving on to silkscreen print andelectronic artThroughout her creative explorations there has always been an element of working with textiles.

Since leaving full time employment in the FurtherEducation sector Linda has focused on textiles/embroidery as the medium most responsive to her ideas development. Inspiration for her work is somewhat eclectic with starting points as polarized as Waste Recycling Centers’ to Greek Myths, at the core of which is the presence of cloth and embellishment and what is valued and what is discarded.

Chinese Imperial Yellow and Soft Cloud Mattresses – Dress
Date: June 2015
Medium: Digital print on Cotton poplin and red embroidery silk
Size100cm length
 Pepsi Can Man DETAIL
Date: May 2015
Medium: Embroidery Silk on Felt
Size: 60 cm x 45 cm

Sad Demise of Two Mattresses
Date: August 2015
Medium: Digital print on Cotton Panama and Embroidery Silk
Size: 74cm x 72cm

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